Margie Brakhage Attorney at Law   29970 Technology Dr 204 Murrieta,CA92563   (951) 837-4706
Margie Brakhage Attorney at Law
29970 Technology Dr 204
MurrietaCA 92563
 (951) 837-4706

Reviews Of Margie Brakhage Attorney at Law

5.00 15 Reviews
Eric Coker
Nov 02, 2017

Samia Sadat
Oct 17, 2017

Margie Brakhage was my family law attorney. She was honest, fair and respectful. She was compassionate and was very detail oriented and smart attorney. She had my divorce case and she won it for me. She basically saved my life and my daughters life. If you need a family law attorney or criminal attorney who has sincerity and compassion and truly cares I st on fly recommend her. She is very unbiased . I love her from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes you have certain doctors who are very compassionate and caring about the patients and than you have very rare attorneys who truly care about their clients and strive to the right thing for all sides. Margie is that attorney

Elisa Christensen
Jun 05, 2017

Margie is SO impressive. Smart, real, humble, genuine, experienced, concerned. I have dealt with a lot of attorneys in my life, and she is truly exceptional. I was so impressed, especially since she also offered me the best price! What an extraordinary find! I would highly recommend her for any and all of your legal issues. She will knock it out of the park without requiring your first born or your house as payment!

juan jimenez
Jul 12, 2016

I very much so recommend Margie The best

Ruth Houliston
Jul 08, 2016

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